Guess what?

After this New England
winter, I want to take
off my bad.
But could it be cold
here even in summer?
Imagine naked under the
sun. Swimming through
one million lakes. Or
lying on warm
warm warm.
Maybe count every leaf
on every tree. I've
always wanted to do that.
And stars too!
Would you come with me?
Lots of puritans would
disapprove. Yes they
would. Sometimes their
eyes are like granite.
We could climb those hills.
They'd just say we're
crazy, running out with
no clothes and leave us alone.
Then what would we do?


As if you could come so swiftly
unnoticed like butterflies tapping
wild flowers with soft yellow wings.
Appearing before me quietly
while morning mist curls through
coolness of mint-green spring.
You walking over roads through
fields where tree shadows make
heavy slants against the sun.
As alive as day...saying my name...
filling me up with the taste of you...
kissing my mouth awake again.
By touch and whisper how we would
imitate long leaves weaving, undulating
and finally surrendering to silence.


Chimes tap against our
windowpane. This evening
becomes starry sapphire
as sea gulls rise in
flight over rooftops.
Winds wrapping around
trees tossing leaves.
The court yard is full of
aromas from dinnertime.
Shadows growing longer
each minute. Lights go
on and I wait for you.

Cape Cod

Hearing waves from a distance and
feeling sea breezes brush our faces,
it seemed a century before we
came to the ocean.
So blue and bright to our eyes
its rhythm broke chains of
unremarkable days.
Over cool sand we ran and you picked
three perfect shells which fit
inside each other. Running towards
that moving expanse through
fine spray and splashes.
With clouds cumulus we drifted while
gulls circled the island. Together we
discovered beds of morning glories
climbing soft dunes.

Picnic in the Rain

We wouldn't let the
rain stop us so we had
our picnic in the car.
Crowds evaporated
running with jackets
flung over their heads.
It grew more and more
quiet except for a few
susurrus raindrops.
Us alone drinking wine
walking over meadows
of grass, moist fragrant.
our face so wet
sweet wine.

Last Summer

Golden sunshine spilling
over cathedrals of trees
forest of summer.
Your eyes are oceans of light
beams of light soft beaming
dancing through rivers of memory.
Forest of rivers
drowning in oceans of eyes.
Your eyes when sunset spreads
over sand dunes warm golden.
Stars gliding past heaven
as night explodes in
cathedrals of light.
We bed down together in
forest of memories
your body so strong golden
last summer with you.

Birthday Present

I wanted to bring back the
best gift from the country
for you, just for you.
I wanted to.
Some sky would be nice,
lots of lovely sky with
light fleecy clouds.
So I rushed through
stores and bought the
biggest shiny box and
looked for a perfect bow.
All shades of blue, violet
with red and yellow.
An entire rainbow of
colored ribbons for the
box to put this sky into.
Then on the bus my bow
fell apart. Somebody
stepped on the box. It's
all crushed and dirty.
By the time we got to
the city it was late. Did
my sky fly away?
The box is empty now.
I wanted to bring back the
best gift from the country
for you, just for you.
I wanted to.

Ripples creep over our feet

Should we stand shivering or
dive in? Lose our footprints?
The sun is a giant beach ball.
See it splashing through
waves all red violet blue.
Weaving around this ocean
my legs encircle your waist.
You are so massive and wonderful.
Perhaps we can discover some
great canyons where stars
fell one billion years ago.
I see beams of light in
your hands touching their
cool luminosity now.


I am whispering
your name. O Michael
how I love to touch
your sweet neck with
my tongue. Your
name always comes
to my mouth wanting to
hold you kiss only you
with my electric tongue.
How amazing you are
O my dearest Michael
your eyes astonished
speaking so silently
speaking always to me.


At the bus station so
I would not walk alone
from night shift.
How you looked in black night
under a lamp post laughing
off yet another long day.
You wanted to make
me a perfect world.
Always talking about
when we move to Mexico
then I would never
lift another finger.
We savor avocado and
toast, sipping tea.
You whisper sweet nothings.
Our hearts beating together.

Night Waltz

O Michael tonight
I am dreaming of you.
We trace night with
our fingers climbing
ladders of darkness
past the full moon
over silver light into
star light we dance
through air redolent
with lilacs. Your eyes
glow like burning comets
as we waltz over clouds.
O Michael tonight
I dreamed of you and
woke to find you
sleeping at my side.


That was the name of a paint can
from Main Street Hardware.
With sweat lingering on her
face, she colored her room.
Tinted now like insides of
ripe plums, like perfect grapes.
When the sizzling lemon sun
dropped from heaven...night
became moist and black.
Her fan whirled thick air
stained with cigarettes
coffee, turpentine, white wine.
She sank into her wicker couch
as fog horns trail the horizon.
Lotus screech relentlessly for water
always wanting more more more water.
Closing her eyes, remembering him
now tasting the feast of his smile.